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  • VS1 series
    2N12-10 series
    VHCR series
    3AH series
    operating mechanism



        As a professional manufacturer in producing operating mechanism of switch cabinet, breaker accessories, appliance accessories (VS1  ZN12-10  3AH  VHCR  CHK) , Nanpi County Haohai  Electric Co., Ltd is located at Nanpi county of Hebei province known as “The land of hardware stamping”, which is bounded by Jing Hu high way and Jing Hu railway to the west and the shore of Bohai Sea to the east. Ideally located position and comfortable environment and good transportation and communication have provided our company with favorable external environment.

        Our company occupies 12000 square meters and has more than one hundred employees and more than 20 professional technicians. We have self-contained equipments such as NC turrent punch press, NC bending machine, numerical control shearing machine, lathe, argon arc welding machine, spot welder, plate-cutting machine and hydraulic press. Small and large punching machine: 50. At the same time mold-processing equipments also have been introduced into our company such as linear cutting, precision lathe, electric spark and grinding machine. Always oriented by market and based on high-quality professional talents and advanced technology, we continue to strengthen internal management, optimize external service, so we have won the trust from new and old customers and have strong technology strength and powerful production capacity. Continuing to open up new ways and be brave in keeping going ahead are our constant idea. Always taking "quality of today is the market of tomorrow" as our flag to go ahead, we have established perfect quality management system and made efforts to purse high quality and high grade of products. Trust from users is our maximum pursuit and meeting demand of customers is our maximum hope. We will use leading manufacturing technology and scientific working attitude and modernized management system to provide more moderate and perfect service and higher-quality product.

        Be in line with three principles of Honesty First, Service First and Quality First, we have already have kept friend cooperation relationship with many leading enterprises in electrical industry for many years. To better serve customers, we have added service items such as designing and manufacturing high-voltage apparatus accessories for customers and can design and manufacture a plurality of fittings with high difficulty and high technology content, which has received good appraisal from many users and forms good interaction between our company and customers.

        Use technology to purse development, use quality to seek survival. Use the most reasonable to serve customers. Persist in concerning management idea of market and customer to create value for customers.

        We believe: success of customers is our success.
        Our purpose: satisfaction of customers is our pursuing target.

        Our attitude: people Oriented and customers Focus.

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